more pixels are better!

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Re: More pixels are not necessarily better...

The output image size is therefore determined purely by how many
pixels a sensor has

Totally wrong.

No, its perfectly correct.

Wait a minute...

Of course you can upsize or downsize from the native image size but
the fact remains that a 10mp sensor will produce a 10mp sized image
and a 12mp sensor will produce a 12mp sized image etc.

Here is where you are wrong. Sensors do not produce images. Image is something one can see. And since the image must be presented,...

I was'nt talking about prints

... you are dead wrong again in not talking about prints.

Not everyone prints every pic they
have and most will view them on computer monitor screens where the
effect of pixel count on the output image size is most noticable.

Display is just another output device, no different from a printer in many respects. Viewing the image, I'm not interested in looking at individual pixels. Only when I need to know how large I can print it I start looking closer.

Since you have obviously chosen to ignore that photography is about presenting the images at particular media through particular output process, not presenting pixels, please go ahead, I'll step aside and watch you losing your face further.

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