more pixels are better!

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Re: More pixels are not necessarily better...

Iliah Borg wrote:

The output image size is therefore determined purely by how many
pixels a sensor has

Totally wrong.

No, its perfectly correct.

The output image size is determined by the needs of
the photographer/publisher and by the acceptable quality criteria.

Of course you can upsize or downsize from the native image size but the fact remains that a 10mp sensor will produce a 10mp sized image and a 12mp sensor will produce a 12mp sized image etc.

Also, it is determined by the time and money spent on preparing the
image to print.

I was'nt talking about prints...Not everyone prints every pic they have and most will view them on computer monitor screens where the effect of pixel count on the output image size is most noticable.

I have 3 cameras with the same pixel counts. I can't print to the
same size from all of them, given the quality criteria and printing
method are established the same for all three.

Print count is irrelevent when printing. I can print a 4.6mp sized digital image at 2A0, without upsizing it first, and it will still look great...Showing pixel quality is far more important than pixel count, and with the effectiveness of new noise cancelling algorithms accepted its a fact that larger photosites offer better image quality and less noise than smaller photosites...If that was'nt true why would anyone buy DSLR's when they could save both bulk and money by buying high res digicams with tiny sensors!

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