more pixels are better!

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Re: More pixels are not necessarily better...

The output image size is therefore determined purely by how many
pixels a sensor has

Totally wrong. The output image size is determined by the needs of the photographer/publisher and by the acceptable quality criteria. Also, it is determined by the time and money spent on preparing the image to print.

I have 3 cameras with the same pixel counts. I can't print to the same size from all of them, given the quality criteria and printing method are established the same for all three.

Worse, I have 2 cameras, one of which has lower pixel count but allows to print larger while I stay within certain underexposure (many call it ISO range).

Pixel noise is just the way to determine perceived image noise. Perceived image noise, like it is with film grain, depends on the print size. Abstracting from printing process (and/or display size) invalidates any noise discussion. This one is a good example.

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