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Re: To be more specific...

DaSimpleGuy wrote:

Everyone knows that downsizing an image hides image noise so it's
hardly surprising your technique of downsizing the larger 50D image
to the size of the 40D image makes it look less noisy!...Your
technique is therefore completely flawed and the results therefore

Um, no. And if you want to see that, print all three at a common output size.

The point of the downsampling exercise was to counter the argument that the 50D is a noisier camera than the 40D. Since one can generate an image with identical noise and resolution as the 40D (if that is what one wants) from the image data of the 50D, it cannot be noisier, or have less resolution. The 40D image data is a (proper) subset of the 50D image data.

It is true that, not downsampled, the 50D has high frequency noise that the 40D doesn't. That is because the 40D doesn't have high frequency anything, including image detail, beyond its Nyquist frequency.

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