more pixels are better!

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To be more specific...

This 50D image, developed from RAW via DPP

when downsampled to the pixel dimensions of the 40D (using PS Bicubic), yields this image:

The downsampled image has a noise spectrum much the same as the corresponding 40D image (from RAW via DPP):

The Imaging-Resource multitarget images, developed from RAW via DPP, and run through Imatest, show resolution out to the respective Nyquist freqeuencies; and the 50D, downsampled to the pixel dimensions of the 40D, outresolves the latter by a rather slight amount.

So, contrary to your claims,

1. Careful treatment of 50D RAW images shows resolution exceeding the 40D by the ratio of pixel pitches.
2. Noise of the 50D is the same as that of the 40D at comparable image scales.

3. Resampling the 50D image to the 40D dimensions yields slightly more resolution, with the same amount of noise, and mitigates interpolation artifacts.

And now you've read it on the internet, so it must be true ;-p

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