Nikon D3X [USA] Online Registration Problems...

Started Dec 20, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP Gary J Jensen Senior Member • Posts: 2,204
Re: D3 Manual Suggestion - Not Much Help...

JMD-70 wrote:

Gary,...just apply all you read in the D3 Manual to the D3X and just
read the D3X Manual that provides info on the 24mp sensor. This
way, can post some shots from that badd boy for us to drool
over....c'mon,..make us happy with some serious Nikon D3X IQ!!

Well, that would probably be a good suggestion... IF I had the D3.

I didn't get the D3, since it didn't give me any real advantage over my D2X and D2Xs bodies for the kind of shooting that I do. I'm one of the few that waited for the camera that I really needed.

But, thanks for your comments and suggestions anyway. Oh, by the way, I see from your signature line and profile that you, too, have two D2X bodies and decided not to get the D3. [grinning]

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