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Re: Perhaps you can explain...

ejmartin wrote:

... the following then:

Explain?...OK...Never heard of in-camera noise reduction?

Here are some relevent quotes from Phils 50D review to save me the trouble of repeating myself:

"The 50D produces comparatively clean output that demonstrates a well balanced mixture of chroma and luminance noise reduction. However at ISO 1600 and above it can't quite keep up with the D300 in terms of detail retention. The Canon's more heavy-handed luminance noise reduction inevitably leads to some blurring of fine detail. Output up to ISO 3200 is usable, ISO 6400 should be reserved for emergencies and the inclusion of the ISO 12800 setting was quite frankly pointless."

"Canon first introduced 'High ISO Noise Reduction' on the EOS 40D. While the first generation of this feature only offered one level of noise reduction, its latest incarnation gives you three (Low, Standard, Strong) which can be controlled via C.Fn II-2. Of course there is also an 'Off' setting. As you can see from the graph below the 'on' options appear to apply a fairly even mix of chroma and luminance noise reduction at all settings. When noise reduction is set at 'Low' its effect is pretty marginal, the 'Strong' setting leads to a visible loss of detail from fairly low ISOs. The 'Standard' setting seems to be, depending on your preferences, a pretty good compromise to work with. Please note that the 'Strong' setting reduces buffer space in continuous drive and that even at the 'Off' setting the JPG engine still applies some noise reduction to the image. If you want to get completely rid of NR shooting RAW is your only option."

"Switching to our benchmark RAW converter, Adobe Camera RAW equalizes image processing between the two cameras and allows us to get a much better idea of the level of detail actually captured. As you can see both cameras images look crisper and exhibit better detail but the 40D stills beats the newer model in terms of per pixel detail."

Bob does'nt think there is such a thing as "per pixel detail"...Are you still prepared to go along with him now?

The quote continues:

"Despite of a 22% increase in vertical and horizontal resolution the extra detail captured by the 50D is marginal."

Here I disagree...To my eyes the 40D is actually capturing MORE detail, at least going by Phils samples but again, this is probably due to much better pixel level quality, which in turn is due to the 40D's larger photosites.

Please use quantitative analysis rather than the erroneous internet
mythology you have been spouting.

I dont need to because Phil has already done it, right here on dpreview.

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