more pixels are better!

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Perhaps you can explain...

... the following then:

Please use quantitative analysis rather than the erroneous internet mythology you have been spouting.

As an example, lets assume you have a FF sized sensor (36mmx24mm) in
both cameras being tested but one has a resolution of 12mp and the
other a resolution of 20mp.
The image size produced by the 12mp FF sensor is something like
4000x3000 pixels (Perhaps not exactly in that ratio though because FF
might not be exactly 4:3 format(?), but good enough to use as an
example.) The image size produced by the 20mp FF sensor on the other
hand is something like 5000x4000 pixels..Nearly 17% larger from the
same sized sensor.
Which will produce the better QUALITY images...The one with the
larger photosites, ie: the 12mp camera.
Which can capture more detail...Obviously its the 20mp camera but
because it has smaller photosites its pixels are a lot noisier.

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