more pixels are better!

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Re: I´m not saying you are wrong...

Ralf Ronander wrote:

...but if we have no practical way of experiencing the benefits of
the our monster pixel cameras (very few have the means or the
equipment the make very large prints on a regular basis), then what´s
the point

As a pixel man myself I know there are several good reasons
nonetheless, but to many this could be a valid objection.

The point is that your original image contains more information which you can use in a number of possible ways to improve the quality of your output. As suggested already, high MP captures will tend to give more microcontrast, because they use a more benign part of the OLPF MTF, and this will be true at any scale because below Nyquist the OLPF function is falling and monotonic. The additional information could be used to allow sophisticated PP to make better decisions to separate image from artifacts, or it could simply be of use in PP cropping. Even if you don't need it now, having all that information in you files is an insurance in the future for unforseen uses of the image.

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