Anyone moved from 100-400 to 300 2.8?

Started Dec 18, 2008 | Discussions thread
WhiteHab Forum Member • Posts: 92
Re: Anyone moved from 100-400 to 300 2.8?

I've used briefly the 300 2.8 non-IS. Great lens, but heavy and not as versatile as the 100-400, so now I have the 100-400. Would be nice if this was a bit faster, of course.

I've read a few times that the 300 2.8 has the fastest focus of all Canon lenses. No idea if this is true.

I haven't done the vomparison 300 + 1.4tc against 100-400 at 400, but I still have to see a sharp picture taken with a tc. 1.4x is bad, 2x is worse. I've never seen a picture taken with a tc that has more detail than the same picture taken without tc. So with the 300, I would just take pictures at 2.8 and no tc, and be happy with the speed.

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