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Re: Are those figures for

Graystar wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

You said something, or I wouldn't have replied. You made a complete,
independent statement:

You're attacking an answer without considering the question that the
answer is answering. That seems to be something you like to do.

I play be the rules of reason. I am quite cognizant of what depends on the link, and what does not. You made a complete, independent statement which stands alone, without context. You said the sensor breaks up the analog focal plane into "pieces". Some potential connotations of such a statement are completely wrong; it is a very poor description of what a sensor does, regardless of anything you may be replying to or linking to. It can launch someone into a completely incorrect idea about what a sensor is doing, and that is why I had to reply.

Myths, bad models and paradigms, etc, need to be nipped in the bud. They are extremely difficult to reverse once people have adopted them.

question asked was of compact sensors and their theoretical limits.
The answer to the question asked is that when a given sensor size and
lens combination is operating at their diffraction limit, increasing
the megapixel count will not increase the real detail of the capture.

That is not really true, either.

There is no brickwall limit on lens resolution. Resolution fades in contrast.

John Sheehy wrote:

That statement is relying on language to alter reality. Digital
cameras do not break up an analog images into pieces; they BIN
areas of analog focal plane into POINTS of information. The real
resolution of a camera is a combination of the lens, and the sensor
(including AA filter and microlenses).

That has to be the most absurd twisting of words to say the same
thing that I've ever read from you (although I should note that I
don't read everything you write.)

Really? Does dividing a pizza into 8 slices turn each slice into a number of identical pizza atoms? The latter is all we get with digital cameras.

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