more pixels are better!

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Re: Don't you believe it for a second

rocklobster wrote:

A hundred camera reviewers cant be wrong.

Yes; a thousand, even a million or billion could be wrong. There aren't enough people to become camera reviewers at the present time for a trillion; I grant you that much.

I know we love to hate them
because we think that we know better but,

Sometimes some of us do.

the majority of reviewers
say that cameras with more pixels - even DSLRs - exhibit more noise.

I think you'll find that at one time, most people thought the earth was flat, the center of the universe, and a stage for theological psychodramas.

That a huge rock falls faster than a large rock, even in a vacuum.

One day people may wake up, and realize can't view images properly on the monitors we have now.

People falsely assume that looking at an image at "100% pixel view" is viewing them in their natural size. That is nonsesne, because the size of the pixel on your monitor is totally arbitrary, but it is fixed, and magnifies higher-MP images more than lower-MP images, potentially making them look softer and noisier, even if they are not.

You can't see the benefit of a better image on current monitors, comparing cameras with 3 or more MPs. Even printers force a lowest common denominator with their error and pattern diffusion methods. The only way to see if you have a better image, now, is to either print two images very large and view from a distance, or, zoom in but zoom into two images at greater than 100% to show the same percentage of the image (and with a good resampling method), but you can't see the full images that way.

We are living in dark ages, supported by dark tools.

If we had 100MP monitors and were upsampling our images to fill the screen, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, I guarantee.

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