more pixels are better!

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Re: Are those figures for

NetMage wrote:

I disagree - I think your statement left out too much of the sensor's
impact on the "real" resolution of the camera.

e.g. What do you mean by sensor size? Does that include the number of
pixels, or just the area (obviously a two pixel APS-C sensor has an
effect on camera resolution).

Does sensor size include the coverage area of the pixels? A sensor
with tiny pixels in the and tiny lenses in the middle of large
circuits will have much lower resolution than the gapless microlenses
of a 50D, for example.

You're doing the same thing..taking a specific answer as a general answer and then attacking it because it doesn't address everything you can think of.

The question was...

“The OP is really more interested in whether a 6Mp compact will be a better all around performer than a 12Mp compact, or if this is just an artifact of other design choices made that reviewers don't like. In particular, what are the theoretical and practical limits in IQ if you downsize to 6Mp?”

The portion of my answer that you're questioning was about compact sensors working at their theoretical limit. It's a complex answer so in my original answer I gave a link to a good explanation. I consider that link part of my answer.

So when you ask things like “what do you mean by sensor size” it means that you obviously haven't followed the questions and answers of the thread, and have based your remark on a single post. That doesn't really help.

DPR asks people not to list their equipment in their signature, but I guess you didn't read that either.

From the profile page...
"Automatically appended to new messages. PLEASE DO NOT list
equipment in your signature as this adversely affects searching."

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