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Re: One possible small problem

TheGoldenOwl wrote:

L.T., I don't know if that is totally true because it seems everytime
I look thru the guide on the DISH I see like last night an info
commercial on the new ESP printer. They want $200 for it with 'free'
stuff thrown in to the deal.
I think I paid about half that price at Wally Mart for my 5100 AIO so
I think I can get by with less than the wireless one!
But you said the inexpensive ones so I don't know!

Kodak is trying to switch the sales model around -- pay more up-front for the printer and less for refills. There are two problems with this strategy. First is that most people look at initial cost and not TCO, so cheap printer up-front works. Second is that even for people that understand the cheap printer/expensive ink model and print a lot, simply refill their carts for 1/10th the price.

That leaves Kodak with the market for folks who understand TCO, print enough that the cost of ink will bur them, but no so much that they want to deal with the hassle of refilling. I think that's a pretty small market. If the other printer companies get as stupid as Canon, making it very difficult to trick the printer with refills, then the high usage TCO folks might just migrate to Kodak.

Not to mention that print is dying...

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