Nikon D90 vs. Pentax K20D

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Nikon D90 vs. Pentax K20D

(This thread is also posted on Pentax SLR Talk forum)

Well about a year ago i bought my first digital camera, Canon Powershot A630 and was very pleased with it. However soon after i bought it and started taking pictures, I also started to get more and more interested in photography: Started to read all kinds of stuff at the internet, Watching Youtube movies and as i was getting more and more into it quickly i found the cons of a compact camera. It was then i decided to go further and started to work more with my dad's Panasonic Lumix FZ50. Quickly enough i also started to see the cons of a SLR-like camera... Having "played" with my cousin's Nikon D80, I fell in love...

So i've decided i'm going to buy a DSLR. Now after looking into all kinds of cameras from almost every company i narrowed my options to Nikon D90 and Pentax K20d. Here's when i can't really make a choice, Mainly because there's nowhere for me to see for myself the two cameras. So i'm gonna lay some ground points and hopefully you'll help me make a choice:

1) I ain't buying older models! I thought about the Nikon D80 or Canon EOS 450D but no way! I want to buy a new model (2008 is still new for me)...
2) FPS ain't that important to me.

3) I found Continues AF pretty important to me. Lots of shots were made were people ran in my direction, My Canon was a hassle, My dad's Lumix was a bit unsatisfying and if i'm gonna buy a DSLR, I want it to be excellent.

4) Since neither has a Flip Screen (Or whatever it's called) i don't care for Live-View.

5) I'm planning to buy it at April 2009, So if there's a coming Price-Drop or a newer model it'll be nice to hear.
6) 12bit A/D, 14bit A/D, 4573845738bit A/D... Don't care much...

7) Fast Auto-Focus ain't THAT important to me, But if it ain't Faster than a contrast based AF: No Thanks!

8) Ain't going above 1000$ (Body Only), So please no "Add 200$ and have a D300" or something like this.
9) JPEG output? Don't care for that!

10) Whatever camera i buy, Once buying lenses and stuff i don't plan ever to switch them. It's no secret i'm gonna buy a new DSLR 2 or 3 years after i buy my first one, But i ain't going to switch all lenses (and stuff) so once it's Pentax or Nikon... It's probably gonna stay Pentax/Nikon for years to come. So what holds the future for each company (Nikon is a bit more "stable" right?)

11) Nikkor lenses are more expensive, I know because it has a Vibration Reduction (While pentax has its IS in the camera), But how about the image quality?

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