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Re: I'm sure everyone gets it...

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

The only one
of the three that can match the 5D2's high ISO capability is the 1Ds3
at more than twice the cost. To make it a little more understandable
for you, the 5D2 is a 21 mp high ISO camera with HD video capability
at about one third of the cost of an $8000 D3x which doesn't even
have live view or sensor cleaning and can't even come close to
matching the 5D2's high ISO image quality.

The D3x has live view. Based on the known qualities of the A900 sensor, the D3x may well have the best low to mid ISO image quality of any camera, but that remains to be seen.

. . . . "we hope" is rhetorical BS. Canon has already stated that
this issue is being addressed.

The problem is presumably a sensor issue, and since a firmware update can't physically change the sensor, it remains to be seen how the fix will work. Therefore, I HOPE the problem is fully correctable in firmware. "The issue is being addressed" is what I would call rhetorical BS, since that's what Canon said about the 1DIII AF issue when they though it was a firmware fix, but in the end the cameras needed to be returned for a hardware fix.

. . . . I'm thinking that you won't really be happy at all. There
will be something else that allows you to keep saying that it's not
performing the way it was meant to. It won't have exactly the same
set of features and functionality that the flagship models have and
you'll be 'disappointed'. This internet forum stuff is predictable if
not entertaining.

Well gee, thanks for putting words in my mouth. But you're dead wrong. I've never been disappointed with a camera as long as it does what it's supposed to do, because you get what you pay for. If I want the top-of-the-range features, I'd expect to pay for them.

. . . So right now, you can only hope that there will be a firmware
fix coming along in a few weeks and yet you'll still be sanctimonious
about those terrible little black dots in the mean time. Did you even
look at Andy Williams' panoramic shots that he posted here more than
a week ago?

sanctimonious? You're the one suggesting that people shouldn't stoop so low as to photograph bright lights, cityscapes, and christmas festivities etc... just because your favorite camera manufacturer's latest creation has a little problem recording that stuff. Maybe you could write to Canon and get them to issue a list of what you consider acceptable uses for the camera.


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