sigma 24-70 hsm $899??? Wow

Started Dec 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
RRJackson Senior Member • Posts: 2,555
Re: sigma 24-70 hsm $899??? Wow

uva0224 wrote:

I am shocked by the price, $699 more like it.
But for $899, I would rather add a few and get the nikon.

Eh, it is a little pricey. OTOH, the Nikon is about twice the price. More than that, though, have you held the Nikon? It's pretty huge. The Sigma is 2/3 as long and 1/3 the weight. 24-70mm is kind of a walking-around lens, IMO. Compact is nice. Of course, the Nikon takes 77mm filters and the Sigma takes 82mm filters, so that's a consideration. 82mm CPLs are pretty pricey.

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