Mike Johnston does A900 vs D700 vs 5DMKII

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diffrence between a review and comparison

Red Dawn wrote:
I don't think you're that familiar with his life work to make that
kind of comment.

That is why I used smilies...it was partly not so serious meant

Personally I felt it is a mediore comparison and a bad review...actually it is not a review at all mixed with a lot of personal feelings. Nothing wrong with that, many popular camera magazines give you the exact same 'ínformation and statements' and you have to pay to slip through the ads.

"The ultimate in image quality: Belongs to the Sony A900"
This is based on feelings and not on facts
"My personal choice: ..." another example

Maybe he made a mistake and meant to say the ultimate in resolution (is something else than image quality)

If you have read his other articles, you will have

realised that all the gear he is reviewing are loaners, not from
Canon or Nikon or Sony, but by other individuals, and Mike owns none
of the gear he reviews or writes about.

That's a pitty. A good review is based on a long experience with one camera, actually using it in the field for at least several weeks under different "real life" conditions Bjørn Rørslett is a good example who does that, and happily he owns the cameras where he based his reviews on Better said he is an expert on nikon cameras' And not so much interested in relation to other brands, I do not want him to be either!

At any rate, the percentage

of gear reviews at his blog is only a fraction of the total number of
articles on photography and art.

I don't say anything about his amount of information and the quality of it in his other articles, or did I?
I'm not saying he is Kennie Rockwell either

He also writes for black and white magazine, so I don't think he
really needs that money from the web to live on, perhaps only to
offset the cost of hosting

Good hosting costs nothing anymore, I know all about it

Actually, the only private reviewers I am aware of who buys their own
gear and writes about them are ken rockwell and Michael Reichmann.

I know a few more
And about Ken you are wrong...but who cares.

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