Buying a used D300

Started Dec 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
Michael Senior Member • Posts: 1,012
Re: Buying a used D300

Got my Demo D300 from Cameta in Nov . $1187 plus $100 off with Pay Pal code . Net $1087 plus shipping . The camera came in Pristine condition with only 12 shutter activation on it . I also charged it on a CC that extends the mfg warranty for up to 2 year . After the 90 day warranty from Nikon , Cameta Camera picks up the balance for a total of 1 year . Great dealer !

Tom Monego wrote:

Sounds OK, but what is a refurb/demo price from Cameta, something to
check out. If it is within $100-150, I'd go that direction, it will
have a warranty. Remember Nikon's warranties are not transferable.


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