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Re: a non-answer

Iliah Borg wrote:

I guess you got all sorts of theoretical answers

Nothing wrong with the use of well-established theory.

I have a problem with your use of the word "use"

It's interesting to speculate on how designers of cameras go about the process of designing a camera. Presumably, they are engineers, familiar with the theory that we discuss here, and presumably that theory drives their design decisions (well, those that the marketing people have left open). So we have an proposal here that when it comes to evaluating the results of their efforts, we leave the theory behind and rely on subjective evaluation and the word of experts? That's exactly what happened in the esoteric audio world. You end up with propositions that if you can't actually hear the difference between a $20000 amp and a $1000 one it's because your listening skills aren't good enough (even though quantitative evaluation shows that the differences are below the level of audibility). No-one's willing to own up to not having good listening skills, so the market gets completely distorted by a few opinionated reviewers.

If it goes that way in photography, we'll find manufacturers charging thousands of dollars for insignificant differences and a whole industry of 'expert' reviewers telling us that we just have to be refined and clever enough and we'll understand what those thousands of dollars are for. For anyone who points out that the emperor's attire is rather skimpy, we'll be told 'how can you trash a camera you haven't actually used - all you've done is commented on measurements people have made - must be a troll'.
I hope things don't go that way.

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