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Re: SNR vs exposure

Graystar wrote:

ejmartin wrote:

I would say that the LX3 is better in both shadow detail and SNR in
highlights. The LX3 full well capacity is higher, and its read noise
is lower, even when normalized to a per area basis.

Well capacity, eh? That sounds a lot like you're say DR is affected
by pixel size.

Please note the phrase when normalized to a per area basis . If you don't like the phrase "well capacity", feel free to substitute "electron density at saturation", which doesn't refer to individual pixels.

But Bob says...

bobn2 wrote:

That is wrong, there is no evidence supporting the 'DR depends on
pixels size' argument, because it is physically incorrect.

Maybe you guys can get together and work it out and get back to me
with the right answer.

Nothing needs reconciling, since there is no disagreement. When DR is normalized to a per area basis , it is largely independent of pixel size for a given technology.

It so happens in this case the LX3 has better technology.

Any reason for the snarky tone?

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