D70s to D90 or D300?

Started Dec 14, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: D70s to D90 or D300?
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Yes, I just upgraded from the D50 to the D90. Here's why I think you'll be happier with the D90. I think the feel will ALMOST be like the D70. I've had very little adjusting, but my D50 didn't have the wheel under the shutter release like the D70. Also, I didn't have a backlight for the top LCD, both of which the 70 and 90 have. After playing with the D300, it has a different feel to it.

I think you'll be very familiar with the feel and action of the D90. You'll also like that rear readout and potentially an occasional movie. I'm going overseas WITHOUT my video camera this trip. I only ever took 15-30 minutes tops in 2 weeks of vacation anyway. Now I'll do that small amount on the D90.

Use the money you save to get a nicer lens!


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