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Re: SNR vs exposure

Graystar wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Graystar wrote:

Explain why DxO Labs reports that even though the G10 sensor has a
slightly better SNR than the LX3 sensor, the LX3 sensor has one stop
more DR.

Not sure how the question relates at all to what I said

You said that DR depends on sensor size and efficiency. The two
sensors are roughly the same size (LX3 sensor is technically a tiny
bit bigger, but is never entirely used) and the very close SNR would
implicate similar efficiency. Yet the DR is very
stop is quite a bit. From your point of view the DR should be the

That's how it relates to what you said.

I didn't say depends solely on sensor size and efficiency - that would be silly. The floor of the DR is the read noise. Double that between cameras (and it varies much more than that) and you have your stop in DR. Sorry for not being more precise, I was trying to counterpose sensor size/efficiency against pixel density, as I said the read noise forms the floor, and is the major of the 'all other things being equal' which needs to go into any such statement. Also, the variation in read noise (and for that matter FWC) means that SNR is not a direct indicator of efficiency.

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