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Re: SNR vs exposure

Les Olson wrote:

Sure, but noise, as a problem that spoils a print or the image on the
screen, is not a highlight problem, it is a shadow problem, and even
where there is a lot of light in a scene overall, the shadows are
still dark. Black is black (I want my detail back) and grey is grey
(I want it here today), what can I do (except turn up the ISOO)?

Well, not completely. Since most output media have a more limited DR than the camera, if you print for the highlights, black will be black.

Plus, we usually take our photographs with a hand-held camera and
often have moving subjects, so we must use short exposures and
cannot, as a scientific or astronomical photographer can, wait for
the wells to fill and therefore use low gain so the black sky stays
black, not speckled.

Nonetheless, most photography situations are comparatively 'lots of light' situations. There are a few people who need a camera which can produce 8+ stops of DR at ISO 25600, but not a lot.

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