D7i and color space

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Re: D7i and color space


Check out Phil's 7i review: '11. Features'. He says the colorspace is "very close" to sRGB and that there is no need to run thru the viewer. The EXIF data for my 7i show the colorspace to be sRGB. As far as I can see, the color is fine.


Peter Marina wrote:

Been reading up about colorspace and ICC color profiles and been
wundering about DIVU's usefullness when shooting in jpg. From what
I've read, all the pics from the D7i (and the D7 even) , would only
require an imbeded ICC color profile to show corect colors. That
way, photoshop and other ICC aware software could show correct
colors. Am I mistaken???

And if not, why hasnt Minolta imbeded proper ICC color profiles in
it's images at the camera level? If they have, why is everyone
makig a bid deal about it? It would just require ICC aware
software, no???

I might be completely wrong, just fishing for some thaughts and
explanations if possible. Thanx ahead

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