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seabrookjohn wrote:

I have also read about an
adapter that incorporates an auto-focus chip.

You are talking about the "Dandelion" chip. The idea was to overcome the
Olympus Corporation feature-withholding. Olympus had a corporate policy
of disabling the focus confirmation and image stabilization if you mounted an
old lens with an adapter. All that is needed to make those features work is a
"liar chip" that talks to the camera body and says that a genuine 4/3 lens
is installed, and the focal length is 'X'. -- Or a firmware upgrade that
instructs the camera to work properly, instead of "corporately".

Olympus responded to a whole lot of complaints from us users by finally
enabling the image stabilization with legacy lenses in firmware upgrade 1.2
(for the E-510).
We just dial in the focal length of the lens for the image stabilization.

But Olympus has still not turned on the Focus Confirmation.
I suppose we should make a fuss and bug Olympus some more.
I don't know if it will do any good, because the buyers of the E-1 are
still asking for the FC to work with legacy lenses on their cameras,
after 5 or 6 years of begging.

The lack of FC on the E-510 is especially annoying because the viewfinder
is so small and dinky and dark. It's REALLY hard to do good manual
focus on that camera.

The "Dandelion" chip is now obsolete, because it will interfere with
the image stabilization. The Dandelion chips came with a hard-wired focal
length, so you needed a different one for every different lens, which
could get very expensive very fast, at $80 per Dandelion chip. And of course
that was problematic with a zoom lens which had lots of different
possible focal lengths. Dialing in the focal length is a much better

See the Dandelion threads here:

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