more pixels are better!

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Re: more pixels are better!

Gentlemen! There is no fighting in the war room!

Okay, I concede Graystar's point; I intended to do that earlier when I said there were other factors besides pixelization that affected a comparison between DSLR's and DP&S's. but as Les understands, I'm trying to isolate the practical and theoretical limits of increasing pixel count.

I'm not trying to compare digital compacts with SLR's. Rather I'm suggesting that in some situations - good light, huge blow-up - a high pixel count P&S can rival a smaller count SLR. One could do this with faster lens like the LX3's 2.0, but that is more expensive, and the SLR can always slap on a 1.7, whereas we do not (yet) have interchangable back end sensor modules... Perhaps putting 12Mp in, instead of 6Mp is simply a cheap and easy way to extend the P&S's envelop of performance.

Anyway, I'm guessing there are 3 liimits on pixel count (density) - noise, optical resolution, and pixel precision (how finely it can register light values before it is saturated). Or is noise a product of the latter two? I am hoping somewhere theres a discussion of what these limits are and how close we are getting to them...

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