A200/300/350 firmware update "wish list..."

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A200/300/350 firmware update "wish list..."

I have no idea if we will get a firmware update, maybe not. But there are some areas that could be improved on the camera. I have not used an A300/350, feel free to add any suggestions, in the vague hope Sony folks see it, and do something!

For the A200, a few improvements could certainly help:

1: Put back Mirror Lock-Up with 2 sec timer (I never understood why this was taken away)

2: Spot AEL toggle option. To allow using the AEL button for spot metering, VERY handy indeed.

3: Put back DMF (Direct manual focus) you might not use it, but it's nice to have it there.
4: Reset self timer after each shot, so that it's not left on by accident

5: Give an option to make the main menu have a last selection memory. Flash exposure compensation would benefit from this.

6: Reduce noise reduction on jpegs, high ISO jpegs are very soft and not really very good IMO.

7: Have an option to allow shutter lock off with no lens attached, so you can use all exposure modes, currently it's limited to M mode only
8: Shoot to display is a bit slow, maybe it can be made faster!

9: The usual press ISO button with eye to viewfinder, lights up LCD...which still have not been fixed

10: Extend auto ISO to a min of ISO 800. Currently its between ISO 100-400, which is a bit of a joke for a DSLR. Best solution is to allow a max ISO setting for auto..

11: Make DRO "do something" rather than just an option which has little effect on images!

12: White balance in artificial light is rather poor (ok most are, but the presets are not exactly mind blowing either)

No point requesting physical changes, as that wont help, however, on the off change these folks do listen to user feedback, I would suggest the following improvements for a future models

1: Add hard button for flash exposure compensation, you could put it below the flash raise one. This, in combination with the jog dial, could allow fast changes to flash exposure

2: Move ISO button closer to the shutter release, to allow comfort when changing the ISO with your eye to the VF. Put drive below that.
3: Add hard WB button to right hand top plate. Or consider dual dials again;-)

4: Make a proper flash that pops up to a decent level, shadowing on hoods causes some problems currently

5: Put a hot shoe cover in the box, it's not really that pricey to make..and I don't fancy paying £6 odd for a piece of plastic that costs 3 pence to make!

6: Put the card write light somewhere other than directly under your thumb. Someone had a bad day at the design office when they worked this one out!
7: Front jog dial is a bit small, increase size
8: AEL, Exp comp buttons sit almost flush with body, raise them up

9: Add button for AF/MF, put it next to the AEL one on the right, remove AF/MF switch at its current position
10: Put back DOF preview button
11: Remove tacky "xyx megapixels" lettering on front of body
12: Add AF assist light (very much needed)

13: Re-spec AF system to allow sensitivity to EV -1, not EV 0, which it is currently. The A200 appears less accurate for low light AF than the 5d (though it's a nice bit faster in good light)
14: Allow use of quick nav on camera, not slow nav (as DK called it!)

15: Make body mouldings on bottom of camera with grooves, it's smooth at present, this will help on a tripod

any other thoughts for the A200/300/350 fire away, I may have missed a few things..

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