more pixels are better!

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Re: more pixels are better!

Graystar wrote:

Iforgetwhat8was4 wrote:

I think we may be saying the same thing. A smaller sensor with more
noise but twice the "resolution" (pixel count) can enlarge twice the
size of the larger sensor, provided the absolute noise level is small
enough. I'm guessing that in good light, this is possible for a P&S,
and this is what's driving the designs. (?)

The 50Ds image is muchbetter. MUCH better. It can be enlarged further than
the G10'simage. It's not just that it has less noise. The image itself is
more detailed. The combination of larger sensor and bigger lens
produces superior detail that the G10 can't match. Throw in the
G10's additional noise, and you really are comparing apples to

Iforgetwhat8was4 is correct (and has been all through). Of course the lens makes a huge difference, but you can't now introduce the lens as a factor, having previously said it was all down to the sensor size. Plus it does not help using undefined terms like "superior detail".

Graystar was also wrong earlier:

"Comparision of RAW images show that the G10, having nearly 50% more pixel than the LX3, has pretty much the same noise performance as the LX3. Obviously there's a problem with DxO's analysis."

On DxO's analysis, at 18% reflectance the G10 has SNR of about 27dB at ISO100 and 18dB at ISO800, but at 1% reflectance it has SNR of about 13dB at ISO100 and 0dB (!) at ISO800. At 18% reflectance the LX3 has SNR of about 30dB at ISO100 and 21dB at ISO800, but at 1% reflectance the LX3's SNR is 18dB at ISO100 and 6dB at ISO800. That is, even in good light the LX3 is one stop better (not "pretty much the same") and in poor light there is no comparison, whcih is exactly what you would expect. You don't pay the full penalty of small pixels until the light goes, so you have to look at the full SNR graphs, not just the figures at 18%.
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