more pixels are better!

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Re: more pixels are better!

Iforgetwhat8was4 wrote:

I think we may be saying the same thing. A smaller sensor with more
noise but twice the "resolution" (pixel count) can enlarge twice the
size of the larger sensor, provided the absolute noise level is small
enough. I'm guessing that in good light, this is possible for a P&S,
and this is what's driving the designs. (?)

Hmmm....don't know about that. I guess it depends on the size difference and type of camera.

For example, consider the Canon G10 and the Canon 50D. By your thinking, the G10's 14.7 MP image, taken in good light and at a low ISO, should be able to be enlarged to practically the same level as the 50D's 15.1 MP image. After all, they're less than half a megapixel apart. However you'd be wrong. The 50Ds image is much better. MUCH better. It can be enlarged further than the G10's image. It's not just that it has less noise. The image itself is more detailed. The combination of larger sensor and bigger lens produces superior detail that the G10 can't match. Throw in the G10's additional noise, and you really are comparing apples to oranges.

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