more pixels are better!

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Re: more pixels are better!

John Carson wrote:

The new Fuji sensor design relies on pixel binning in low light. The
basic objection to pixel binning in general is that same-coloured
pixels aren't adjacent. The new Fuji design changes that so that
same-coloured pixels are adjacent.

“It is well known that increasing the pixel count on a sensor actually makes it more difficult to achieve high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.”

OMG don't give John Sheehy the impression that you support words like'll NEVER hear the end of it!

But seriously, I think you missed this part...

“Even though the sensor has been designed for ‘Dual Capture’ for Wide Dynamic Range and ‘Pixel Fusion’ for Low Noise, it actually performs as well as previous 12-megapixel Super CCD sensors due to the new filter and photodiode design.”

So it seems that this new wonderful sensor only performs AS well as previous 12MP's just learned a few new tricks. Current cameras don't bin, so this could be an advantage in terms of feature set. But I think it questionable as to how advantageous binning is to the kind of photography we generally discuss. This may matter to celestial photographers...don't know how much it will matter to others.

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