Pentax Lens Reviews - Best Site that has a Lot?

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Pentax Lens Reviews - Best Site that has a Lot?

Final decision seems to be made to come back to Pentax as an additional system (and probably the one I'll expand w/most). I've been a gnat's hair away from going w/Oly, but here are (to me) the points that continually bring me -- back to Pentax).

1) Much more camera (and lens) for the dollar.

2) Weather sealing on amazingly low priced bodies (that is really amazing), and IMHO, helps in more ways than simply shooting in the rain and snow. I believe it helps also just keep regular dust out.

3) Based on my "personal experience" excellent, consistent and reliable flash exposure. Second in my experience only to Nikon's iTTL/CLS for "consistent and attractive exposure". I found Oly's "when you nailed the exposure" excellent, but the reliability of exposure (from my experience) is all over the place.

4) Handling is very similar to Nikon (even turning on/off the body). And I like that.

Nikon/Fuji System: I bought a Fuji S5 and "now" I have the color I wanted (but was not getting w/My D300). I gave my D80 to my son (who also shoots Nikon) and am going to sell off my D300 and a few of my lenses. I'm keeping the S5, some select lenses, and SB800/600 flashes.

Pentax system: Having the in-body AS and Weather Sealing without spending a ton on lenses or bodies... are the big draws and the above my reasons for Pentax over OLY. That said, I believe Oly's colors to simply be amazing - they make great equipment.. and proces now are a steal - as they are w/Pentax too.

SO.... I'm now trying to select lenses and where I live, no one seems to have Pentax on the shelves... In fact, even Arlington Camera in TX (my long used store when in Dallas/Ft. Worth) has stopped carrying Pentax DSLR's!!. Their reason, no "sales/Thanks much for any suggestion....

I can't seem to find a site that has comparative reviews. of a lot of the currently available lens crop reviewed. I want to stay w/Pentax lenses if at all possible.

My biggest major selection headache is a "normal Zoom lens".

  • 16-50: I would like the 16-50 f/2.8, "BUT" for my normal use it is probably too short (I shoot a lot at the range that the 50-135 will give me), "AND" the sample variations are causing me to have reluctance with this lens.

NOTE: 50-135: No brainer, never read a complaint, just wish it had been a "little longer" but can't have everything.

  • 17-70: This was my preference for the "normal around the house lens"; man, I was 'really' excited when this lens hit. But again, the reviews I've read seem really not "stellar", and since being out, it certainly does "NOT" appear to have set this forum group on fire either..... AND I sincerely apprecite and rely upon your comments.

Again, any site/review references will be Much Appreciated.


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