Batteries conditioning?

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Re: Batteries conditioning?

Matt Jachyra wrote:

I usually pop one out of the charger throw it
in the camera and shot with it until it dies. Than I grab another and
cycle goes on so I really only use 2 batteries for my canon storing
the rest charged. How do I make sure that those batteries are good?
Any test I can perform on them to see how they hold up? I have
extended trip to patagonia comming up.

First off, change your habits. Get a permanent magic marker and
number the batteries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
Use them in sequence. Use #1 until it dies, then use #2 while
recharging #1, then use #3 while recharging #2, and so on,
until you exhaust #5 and start with #1 again. That will actually
preserve the life of the batteries because they need to be
charged and discharged occasionally.

In the interests of testing the batteries, I'd discharge them all
and recharge them, while noting how long it took to discharge
them. Keeping Live View (or whatever it's called on your camera)
on all of the time is a good way to eat battery charge fast
because that feature really sucks juice.
Just keep the camera on all day, and shoot some throw-away
shot occasionally to keep the camera awake. That will
discharge your batteries as fast as anything, short of making
a dummy load, like a flashlight bulb, for discharging the batteries.

And while you are discharging the batteries, go into your setup
menu and turn up the idle time as high as you can. That is,
most all cameras nowadays have a setting for how long the
camera will stay on before it goes to sleep in power-saving
mode. While you are discharging and reconditioning your
batteries, you don't want to save power, so set that number
as high as you can.

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