New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

Started Dec 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Check out Costco

Yeah, I hear ya on the D80. The thing is, this was a present that originally was supposed to be the D40, which was the camera I had picked within our budget and that I was completely happy with. The only reason it ended up the D60 was that ritz dropped the price again and my husband at that moment decided to just get that one instead. Upgrading to the next camera up is not an option, and I am happy with the camera I am getting. If down the road I end up wanting more functionality I can deal with that then, but for now, I am just starting out and am happy with the camera I am getting. Getting a second lens only came into the picture after this camera was already bought. My dad found out and thought I might enjoy an addition to what I am getting. I know a lot of people find the D40/60 limiting, but please remember that I am new to this. I am getting a nice present from my husband. If I continue to pursue this then any upgrades with the body can be dealt with in the future. I am pretty excited just to be getting the camera I am getting. From what I have read, there should be a lot that I can learn to do with it.....

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