I do not trust professional photographers

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I do not trust professional photographers

In fact, I do not trust very experienced photographers in general.

It is not about their talent and great pictures they can make - it is about them finding a fault with a new camera.

How is it possible that no professional photographer (and they were using 5D mkII well in advance of us all) never noticed "black dots"? How about problems with 1D mkIII focusing or focus shift issues of 50 f/1.2?

The experienced photographers do not find those problems because they do not really troubleshoot a camera - they use it. As a matter of fact, they work around any problems instead of analyzing them.

How could those photographers find any problem if some of them use P&S cameras and still make great images? They really do not need cameras without fault (they will tell you that there is no perfect camera).

Whom do I trust then (and I am serious about it - not a hint of sarcasm!)? I trust all enthusiasts of technology (some would call them pixel peepers) who post at dpreview and even (to lesser extend) Fred Miranda.

Without them, we would never learn about problems in advance of anything that can come from Canon (it may mean – never).

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