New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

Started Dec 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP emk35 New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Check out Costco

I believe that is right. They told me if I wanted to come back in and get the lens at the same discount as if I had bought them all together it would equate to $100 off the lens. That should put the lens (55-200 VR) at $150, and I would get the camera bag, dvds etc. You can also get a free printer with rebate which I might do, not so much for photos but because my home printer broke recently and a free replacement sounds pretty nice....

If there's no discount on the 70-300 then that is quite a price difference considering I am just starting out. It might make more sense to stick to the 55-200 and then if down the road I find myself wanting more, I could deal with that then? I am supposed to go to ritz tomorrow morning again so I will look into it some more then I guess.

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