Dealer files antitrust complaint against Microsoft

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Re: Have you no respect for the creative minds

Terrance13 wrote:

linuxworks wrote:

nature hates a vacuum. if 'americans' stop making things then the
rest of the world will pick up the slack, NO PROBLEM.

Alas, Americans already have stopped making stuff. Can you think of
a single DSLR made in the USA, besides the terribly-expensive "Red One"?
Seen any American-made knives, forks, and spoons lately?
And very soon, the Big 3 Auto makers won't be making anything either.

I was talking of the general sense. if people in the US think that they are the only ones to build x, y or z - they (we) are going to learn about this invalid assumption.

let me take a wild prediction: suppose hollywood 'goes out of business' as a lot of the riaa/mpaa guys want to scare you into thinking. would entertainment dry up? I say no - I say other areas of the world that are not so STUCK UP will pick up the slack and maybe not product the hollywood giants but that may not be such a bad thing! the hollywood movies today are junk, overpriced junk. almost no artistic value. we might as well just leave them and let some new 'younger' entity take over and do it for 1/10 or 1/100 the cost. I'm sure it will happen, too, given enough time.

a lot of people seem to think entertainment and hollywood is one of the last US exports, and it is. and it could go away, too, but I don't think that would be such a bad thing, really..

they are offshoring manufacturing and design. I say let them offshore entertainment, too!

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