New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

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Re: New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

emk35 wrote:

Do you think I would miss the gap between 55 and 70 if I were to bump
up to the 70-300, or is this something I wouldn't really notice?

As one who used film SLRs with only prime lenses for over 30 years, my answer would be "no". You can often just "zoom with your feet" or crop afterward (which was an option not available with the slide film I used!).

For post processing, I have Photoshop Elements and Picasa on my
current computer already, I have used both for minor touch ups on
images from my P&S. I do enjoy that aspect of photography, but have
never used CS3 (or other version) so I have no idea of what it is
capable of, nor how to use it! It is a rather expensive investment,
one I cannot make right now, but is this something that I am going to
need in the future?

IMHO Elements does just fine. I've got CS3, though, because I got the educational discount, but I used Elements for years before that.

A few mentioned a memory card reader. This is something you just
plug into the computer to eliminate the step of connecting the camera
itself? Is that really necessary? I am assuming it offers an
advantage or it wouldn't have been suggested.

It's faster and doesn't drain the camera battery. If you get to the point where you are using multiple cards (lots of shots) it's also more convenient.

Also, I was planning on buying a couple of books to help me get
started. Right now I was thinking about getting Scott Kelby's
Digital Photography books and Understand Exposure (Bryan Peterson).
Would anyone change those selections or add to them?

I'm not familiar with those Scott Kelby books, but I have one of his on Photoshop. His style irritates alot of people, so just buy one and see how you feel.

OTOH, I can highly recommend Understanding Exposure. Excellent book.

If you have trouble figuring out your camera features, try the D60 version of the "Magic Lantern Guide". I prefer Thom Hogan's CD-based guides for thoroughness, but he hasn't completed his D60 guidebook yet.

A book that is good for the pure artistic aspects of photography is "Photography and the Art of Seeing: A Visual Perception Workshop for Film and Digital Photography" by Freeman Patterson.

Thanks so much!

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