New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

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Re: New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

Thanks to everyone for their replies, this is all very helpful.

I won't be taking too many equestrian shots at the moment as I am unable to ride these days. Hopefully some day in the future again, but I won't worry about that right now. So, a few questions.....

Do you think I would miss the gap between 55 and 70 if I were to bump up to the 70-300, or is this something I wouldn't really notice?

For post processing, I have Photoshop Elements and Picasa on my current computer already, I have used both for minor touch ups on images from my P&S. I do enjoy that aspect of photography, but have never used CS3 (or other version) so I have no idea of what it is capable of, nor how to use it! It is a rather expensive investment, one I cannot make right now, but is this something that I am going to need in the future?

A few mentioned a memory card reader. This is something you just plug into the computer to eliminate the step of connecting the camera itself? Is that really necessary? I am assuming it offers an advantage or it wouldn't have been suggested.

Also, I was planning on buying a couple of books to help me get started. Right now I was thinking about getting Scott Kelby's Digital Photography books and Understand Exposure (Bryan Peterson). Would anyone change those selections or add to them?

Thanks so much!

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