K20D, don't like cold temperatures?

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Philippe Leroux New Member • Posts: 15
Re: K20D, don't like cold temperatures?

funny theory,

the noise pattern is very odd though to be a post process noise reduction problem, artifacts created would be correlated in a way to the image.
it would be more like a wrong bayer matrix deconvolution or something.
now why is it appearing more or less randomly depending on the camera....

i just took a few shot outdoors

200 iso, 8s, with some processing to enhance the appearance of this somewhat different (thought i believe correlate) noise banding

what i see is the same 4 pixel wide frequency generating vertical stripes of noise, except it's more noisy in its aspect than the more obvious white stripes
do an FFT on the image, the frequency will be obvious
and that's far to regular to be normal noise

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