K20D, don't like cold temperatures?

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Re: K20D, don't like cold temperatures?

Wow, the two cameras are about two months apart and look how fast Pentax ramped production. They went from around a serial number of 15,000 to one over 100,000. That's 85,000 in about sixty days, so about 1400 cameras a day. Pentax sales goal was stated to be 500,000 cameras this year, so assuming all the models can come off the line as quickly that comes out to 358 days of production. I would assume the 1400 number is pretty close then.

So I had this funny thought, what if the banding wasn't happening because of a bad sensor, but becuase of a really good one? In cold weather the sensor will heat up less, less heat, less noise, and so maybe the always on noise reduction can't deal with that unexpected clean signal. It over corrects and introduces the strange artifacts. Just my random theory of the day.

Thank you

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