Sony at 12.4 pct. - taking from about everyone

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Sony at 12.4 pct. - taking from about everyone

With only a few weeks left of 2008 now, some well-informed views of how the DSLR manufacturers performed in the marke this year is begining to emerge.

Today, they independent analysts at Mizuho Securities Equity Research, Tokyo, issued their view in an 8-pages report on Precision Instruments.

This is Mizuho's breakdown of the DSLR manufacturers by volume (with 2008 estimates):

D-SLR volume 2008E (2007/2006)

Canon 4,200 (3,350/2,660)
Nikon 3,700 (3,090/2,090)
Sony 1,230 (400/400)
Olympus 450 (500/250)
Pentax 190 (350/300)
Panasonic 130 (20/20)

Total Japanese 9,900 (7,710/5,725)

Overall, DSLRs grew by some 28.4 pct.

Those figures of volume transform into these percental shares:

D-SLR shares 2008E (2007/2006)

Canon 42.4 (43.5/46.5)
Nikon 37.4 (40.1/36.5)
Sony 12.4 (5.2/7.0)
Olympus 4.5 (6.5/4.4)
Pentax 1.9 (4.5/5.2)
Panasonic 1.3 (0.3/0.3)

Total Japanese 100.0 (100.0/100.0)

If these estimates turn out to be pretty accurate (and Mizuho usually are), a few significant developments might be noticed here (my personal comments):

  • 2008 was a big year for Sony. They more than doubled their share, and they significantly surpassed their official target of a 10 pct. share this year.

  • While Sony, Oly and Pentax used to compete for the 3rd spot, Sony is now almost double the size of Oly and Pentax ... both of them combined, that is.

  • Sony grew on the expense of everyone except Panasonic (lifted this year by the G1, counted as DSLRs here).

  • Canon maintained no. 1, but Canon's share is under some pressure and has slipped a total of some 4 pct. over the last two years.

  • Nikon came out with a lower share than last year, however well above their own estimates for this year (as prophetically predicted by Thom).

  • Oly fell back slightly in volume and more significantly in share.

  • Pentax fell back dramatically. This may to some degree explain the remarkable doscounts on Pentax DSLRs right now.

  • Panasonic lifted off with only a few months of G1-sales. Mizuho expects Pana to grow to 500,000 G-type cameras next year or about the same volume as Oly, giving the two strategic partners a total volume of some 1 million units.

For 2009, Mizuho expects DSLR shipments to grow another 10.6 pct., whereas compacts are expected to slip by 7.3 pct.

(For the full report, you will have to subscribe)

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