New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

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Re: New D60, what lens (and other equip.) to get?

emk35 wrote:

Now, my father has decided to get me an additional lens to go with it
for my Christmas gift. I have been told by Ritz that if I bring my
receipt in, they will discount the 55-200 VR lens that I could have
gotten as a kit as if I did, which I believe is about $100 off the
lens price. I am not sure if they would apply this if we chose a
different lens. Originally I was just going to go with that 55-200
lens, but then my dad mentioned the 70-300 lens. I am looking for
some feedback on the two. Any thoughts as to which is the better to
go with?

Hey if dad wants to buy it the extra reach will be great for your equestrian shots, make sure he is talking about the VR AFS version

Also, any other equipment I should be thinking about? Remote, flash,
special filters, specific memory cards, etc.....

Just get a few memory cards, 2 gig at least, and rotate use. A memory card reader if you do not have one and a bag.

The rest can wait till you see what you need, plenty of choice in flash so take the time to get the one you want. Remote is cheap but will you use it often ? kind of thing you use on a tripod, the self timer will do for the odd family shot.

Also think about the software side of the equation, post processing is half the job to a finished product.

Oh and welcome

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