A beautiful swivel LCD

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I took mine off......

Casey1969 wrote:

Or you could just pay $20 for this attachment: http://www.flipbac.com I've
been using it on my G10. It isn't the same as a swivel/flipout LCD
since you see the image upside down, but it does the job for now.

I bought one, put it on my G9 and used it on a several week trip (well, in all honesty, I didn't shoot much with the G9). I took it off this week. It was 'okay' but not really that helpful for what I was hoping it would help with---using it when the LCD was 'greyed out' due to strong light--or even light from the wrong angle (which a true swivable LCD can help with--having had the first G1--the Canon).

Oh, for others that would like to try it and aren't sure about removing it for sale or otherwise---taking off the Flipbac left no marks at all on my LCD.

Diane B

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