Dear God, listen to me.

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Dear God, listen to me.

"Dear God, forgive me because it has been a long time since I confessed.

I am not sure if I have sinned and that is the reason I now feel I have to turn to You.

As You should be aware of, over quite a few years now I have developed a taste for something that is incredibly hard to give up.

The constant (ab)use of this thing makes me feel like I am in a different solar system (probably under Your juristicition as well..?) - it really is that pleasant.

The reason I am not sure it is a sin is because I know I'm not the only of your servants that's under the influence of this substance. Since the first known occurence of this substance dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century I must assume I am not the first to seek Your guidance and really, approval to continue to actively being influenced by photography.

However, and as always, certain individuals find personal satisfaction by spreading bad versions of this heavenly substance and they keep flooding more and more areas. These bad seeds spread nothing but disease and I am almost 5% sure I have been hit by bad photographic health. I am developing serious cramps in my brain because I am forced to read about how Nikon is better than Canon and vice versa.

If this is what You intended when you gave us different camera brands I must say I am disappointed in You. Have it ever occured to You that by giving us only one brand there would be peace?

If You do listen and grant me this wish I promise to behave and never curse every time I have to flick that metering switch on my D3, never dream that the buttons should be back-lit, never wish that there was an automatic hyperfocal distance function.

Actually God, when I think about it I think instead I will concentrate more on what you put me on this planet - to use my brain to figure out how to improve my own skills as a photographer and just disregard fanboy posts...maybe my brain cramps will disappear."

best regards,

PS: Don't forget Your son's upcoming birthday.

PS2: We need a true bishop here in Stavanger since the one we had just resigned beacuse of financial errors...Anyone You can recommend will be greatly appreciated.

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