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Re: How about some examples - Fair Enough

gail wrote:

Am I right in assuming the multifocus points are more accurate on a
DSLR than a compact digital camera?

I can't answer that definitively (and I'm not certain I understand the question the way you mean it to be :-), but a part of an answer might be like this - phase detection AF is open-loop and contrast detection is closed-loop.

That means that phase detection ("normal" DSLR focussing), operates by taking a measurement and just telling the lens to go there, like firing an arrow. Contrast detection (LiveView Live mode and P&S), makes an adjustment then checks the error, over and over, until it can't make the focus any better, a bit like you do when you focus a lens manually. So it's kinda quick-and-dirty vs slow-and-accurate.

If you are using all the points, the focus system works with the point which would focus the nearest.

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