D90 high ISO advantage is real compared to D300 40D and 50D

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Re: Impressive, but...

Auto tech, breakthroughs in performance etc, do not exist today. Especially when compared to the ever changing advances in digital imaging.

There is no reason that a BMW 1 Series doesn't outperform a 3 series or even a M Series has nothing to do with technological advances. It's more to do with pricing and marketing.

ZoranC wrote:

Mario Giannini wrote:

I've got a D300, and am
not surprised that a newer, cheaper model would perform better.

By that token of "logic" new cheap BMW 1 Series should perform better
than one year "old" expensive BMW M Series. We all know that is not
true and does not make any common sense.

More than one very experienced person that has observed actual
outputs from both cameras when they are pushed to the limit has come
back saying D90 is not D300. When one puts faith in numbers one puts
blind trust in how testing has been performed. Once again we do not
know anything about NEFs used.

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