1DsMKIII Owner - Bought a 5D and build quality is what I thought JUNK Err 20 Pic

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1DsMKIII Owner - Bought a 5D and build quality is what I thought JUNK Err 20 Pic

So I get on the forum yesterday evening and see that Best Buy has the new 5D. I called - had them put one on hold - and booked it up there (60 miles). I get the camera home and charge the battery all night like a good boy. I get up this am, put a lens on the camera, read how to shoot video... hit the little video button - and I get this error:

So I call Best Buy again and they had one left. I ask them to put it on hold and drive back up there... still 60 miles... and snag the other one.

Now I know that any camera can be DOA but it sucks when you are the one getting it.

Just so everyone know - here is what happened:

1. It asked for me to put in the date.

2. I hit the shutter button and it sounds like the mirror locks up - but won't come back down.

3. I get the error message and take out the battery / put it back in / turn it off and on a couple of times / and get the same dam thing.
4. I'm asked to put the date back in.

Here are my thoughts (outside of the DOA retardation). And I assume this is just like moving from the 7 series BMW to a 3 series. Yeah, the 3 is still nice - but it isn't solid. And that is what I feel with the 5D.

1. I've had the 1Ds I - III and I can honestly say the autofocus is LIGHT years ahead. I know some people had problems with their III - I haven't so I can't complain.

2. The controls take some getting used to. The little smiley faces within the menu system make me feel like I'm using a toy rather than a serious camera.

3. It only takes CF cards... probably my biggest surprise - and of course I haven't used CF cards since using the 1Ds I.

4. The camera is LIGHT. I kind of like it. I know there will be some balance issues as I shoot a lot hand held.

5. The video output is STUNNING. The images are on par with the 1Ds MKIII which means STUNNING. But I have to be honest, the images from the 5D look a little dummed down. I can't put my finger on it but side by side they feel different. But no doubt the 5D is worth EVERY PENNY.

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