Black dot = black death for Canon?

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Black dot = black death for Canon?

Hah sorry I thought that was kind of catchy.

For people cancelling their orders and returning their cameras, good riddance, I'm tired of waiting for mine.

I am hoping Canon will see the disquietude and release the massive stockpile of 5D MKII's they are keeping hidden in warehouses to artifically inflate demand so they can engineer a flood on message boards of "I got mine!" instead of "Black dot!".

Seriously though:

1. The black dots are visible in the still images from the Vincent Laforte video (housed as sample pictures on Canon's website).

Nobody noticed them until people went looking for them! . That image has been out a long time and downloaded by huge numbers of people, nobody saw a problem.

2. I've looked at black dot drops @ 100% and unless you are specifically looking for the problem you don't notice it.

I even tried (and suggest others try) asking another person.

I emailed two friends a 100% crop with highly visible black dots (because I knew I was looking for them) and even gave the hint "there is a technical glitch in this image, can you see anything that shouldn't be there".

Guess what, neither could spot black dots.

Yes everyone wants their toy to be perfect, and yes I hope they can release a firmware patch and the black dots won't exist, but seriously if you don't point it out to someone they don't see it.

I've seen a whole bunch of people say "I don't have them on my camera" then post images, and people point them out - even people looking for them in their images don't always spot them.

So the dots are there, Canon has been informed, it's the talk of the boards - if it bothers you that much then I guess return your camera, otherwise chill out!

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