50D LCD protection and more

Started Dec 3, 2008 | Discussions thread
anthony reczek Forum Member • Posts: 74
another yea for Giottos Schott Glass

I fully agree that one doesn't actually need further protection for the LCD, given that the plastic cover (which we think of as the actual surface of the LCD screen) is virtually indestructible and if need be, cheaply replaced.

However, I was interested in having glass to clean rather than plastic, and placing the LCD in a bit of a frame, if you will, as the LCD cover is flush with the back of the camera. Properly set, the Giottos Schott glass also will cover the very slight gutter around the edges of the LCD screen.

All in all, an elegant addition to the back of the camera.

Some caveats however:

  • you will have a Giottos logo covering the Canon logo at the bottom of the LCD, though it is quite unobtrusive,

  • the installation insructions which I never found until after I was finished are hidden in the inner part of the cardboard packaging (not particularly necessary but helpful),

  • I haven't tried to reposition the glass, so I can't speak to the ease of doing so if the original placement is off (though the instructions say heat gently with a hair dryer).

I like it!

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